Why do I write?

I don’t have to be a writer, especially not one who is drawn to horror, thriller, and fantasy. I have a successful day job that pays the bills. But, it brings me a pleasure that many of life’s endeavours are incapable of.

Writing allows you to create entire worlds, or explore the depths of characters, or go to places that would otherwise be impossible. The limit of your writing potential is in your imagination and craft.

A story I make is able to live on without me, to be enjoyed by others without my attention. It’s almost like bringing up a child. I can nurture it, hone it, and then set it off into the wild beyond my reach.

The main barrier is not so much the act of writing, the packaging of the product, or publishing it (I’m talking self-publishing). The real issue is finding people to read it.

That is a massive challenge, especially in an age where attention spans have been shortened by social media, instant gratification style articles, and porn.

So, I can enjoy the act of writing, I can put it out there, but where the hell are all the people? Well, they’re reading all the same stuff, the charts, the best-sellers, the celebrity auto-biographies. Because attention is short, readers are drawn to the bright and shiny.

How do we make new writers as attractive? I need more time to think on that.

Instead, I’m going with the build it and they will come approach. I’m going to write, enjoy the process, and hope you will join me in enjoying the worlds and characters I build.


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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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