A Pointless Life

I have this thought hanging over me, rumbling in the depths of my mind. I don’t want to die without making a difference to the world.

Perhaps that is what helps me drive to be better in everything I do.

Life is a marvellous thing, if you take advantage of it. But it is fleeting, and it can get away from you easily.

I don’t want to be on my death bed – although, my ideal death dream is to be in the midst of a gun battle, hunkered behind a car, a reloaded gun in my hand, about to jump up not knowing what the outcome will be – and thinking, I made a waste of all that time I had.

I want there to be a lifetime of works that will live on without me. I want to be able to continue to have an impact on people’s lives from beyond the grave.

Or just go out in a blaze of glory.


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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