The End is Near

It’s Day 6 of the Your Turn Challenge, and it’s almost over.

But, it’s also the beginning. The beginning of new blogs, new Twitter accounts, new businesses, new opportunities. Something amazing is starting around the world.

Individuals are going out of there way, saying no to their lazy brain, and shipping amazing articles and projects.

And it all started with a single blogpost on day 1. And then a simple post everyday.

Now, 6 days in, we can’t not finish,because we’ve come so far, and it’s become so easy to post everyday.

A brilliant, supportive community has grown out of a simple call to action by Winnie Kao. This week, none of us have failed. We have all shipped. Every. Single. Day.

Icognito Writer had an amazing post about how far they had come in just less than a week. Check it out.

And it got me thinking about how far I had come. Because at the start of the week, I had plenty of procrastination still to do on all of my projects and the positive habits I was trying to start.

So a week ago, I had 81 followers on Twitter, a book a few people were buying, and a podcast I was planning to relaunch / launch for realz this time.

As of today, I’ve learnt more about Twitter than I have in about 3 or 4 years. I found there were plenty of supportive individuals willing to follow, and comment, and share. I now have 98 followers and likely to break 100 tonight for the first time. (Sorry, just as I went to post this, I broke 100 followers, just… Wow!)

I not only recorded, mixed, and shipped a trailer for my audiobook as a podcast (audiobookcast?), Footsteps of Madmen, but it has been listened to by at least 24 people in less than 24 hours. That’s only according to Spreaker. I have not yet checked the other outlets yet.

I’m very humbled to have received comments like “it’s fantastic” and “high quality” on something that I have produced. It is driving me to want to make the first episode and for it to knock the trailer out of the park.

I can only credit Your Turn Challenge for lighting the fire under my ass.

If you’re sat there thinking: “I wish I could I that.”

You can. You just need to put pen to paper, fingers to the keys, hands on the tools, hit record, write, start crafting – ship.

If you can dream it, you can start to build it.

Tomorrow, how to keep this momentum alive.

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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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