Why Will Finding A Community Improve My Life?

We are social animals, we have community and tribal instincs in our blood. We are stronger in numbers.

Loan wolves die alone.

In recent months, I published an ebook, my debut novel (said whilst taking a drag on a pipe), I said some stuff on Twitter, and I sent out two episodes of a podcast.

And there was radio silence.

Last week, I changed my tactics. I began to engage in the Your Turn Challenge community. It wasn’t a lot, just some tweets, some follows, some retweets.

And it all took off. The lights on the Christmas tree shifted into over-drive.

I gained 50 new followers in less than a week. My podcast trailer continues to get listens and shares. I’ve gone from being a fart in the wind, and now have a growing platform.

It’s more than just a cold-hearted social media platform, though. I have joined a community of people who are supportive, who I can help support, and if they become listeners, or readers, then that is great. I’d much rather be providing compelling content to my friends, instead of just numbers.

The only reason I have a smidgen of success in the last few days is thanks to this group of beautiful people who have taken the time to retweet, follow, and listen. For that, I am insanely thankful.

We need to be around others to gain new ideas, essential support, and sometimes for a little kick up the butt.

In a community, you can do the impossible. What other people think is impossible.

When are you going to join a community?

This one goes out to everyone who has been helping me.


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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