When is it the Right Time to Quit?

We quit things all the time; relationships, projects, jobs, school. We can’t drop everything all the time, or we’ll never amount to anything. But, if you become a strategic quitter, you can master the world.

By the time I finished secondary school (high school), I was in love with education, with growing my academic hunger, to becoming a master of some professional field.

I thought I had cracked the formulary to achieving well in my exams and essays. And then I was blown out of the water at how unprepared we were leaving school and coming up against the expectations of college.

Coupling my failures in exams and essays with the formulaic approach to lecturing in colleges at that time, I became completely disillusioned with the entire system.

In my second year of college, having just scraped a pass in my exams, thanks to my close friend in college, I found myself sitting in classes waiting for them to finish, then waiting for another lesson to start, or on a park bench, desperately trying to read a book for English Literature that I didn’t want to read. And a thought came to me.

“Why am I doing this?”

I knew I had reached the end of my journey there. The situation was not recoverable.

I took stock of my situation, I could hope to pass my final qualification on the strength of my last exams, carrying through enough points. I knew I could get a job without a degree. I believed I could be professional and dedicated enough to move into a professional field.

I applied to be a Para-legal Assistant and I quit college.

My lecturers told me I would amount to nothing. My parents were nervous. I wasn’t surrounded by a lot of belief, and the only other option being offered to me was thousands of Pounds Sterling in student debt.

I won’t detail all the ups and downs, but I came from a standing position of nothing, to a regional director level position in a software company in less than 10 years. I also published my first, full length novel, and I’m planning on doing much more.

And I’m not even thirty years old.

I fully believe that by strategically quitting, by forging my own belief, and through feeding my hunger to learn and understand the world, this has gotten me to this point.

Minimise your risk, by ensuring you can reverse your change, or have an alternate plan in case your new path fails.

Make sure you’re not quitting just because it is hard, but because your soul is no longer in it.

Sometimes, it’s right not to go with the herd, but to strive out on your own path, to fight through the brush that wants to hold you back. And that might just mean quitting.

But, the most important thing about quitting is you must start something even better.

I’m a quitter, and I’m proud.

Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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