4 Ways To Impress At An Interview

Interviews are a bit like starting a relationship; no one teaches you how to do it in school, but you really need to get great at it. So here’s 4 tips on the basics of impressing at any interview (where the employer isn’t bat-shit crazy).

Sadly these are all done wrong, and the world needs me to say this. 

 1 – Dress smartly and tastefully – you’re not dressing for a night out on the town, and this isn’t dress down Friday. Suited and booted, or get out. 

 2 – Arrive near the destination 1 hour early – scout the address, work out why the building numbers jump from 19 to 150… Oh it’s because the building I want is around that funny corner. Where is the door? Is there a buzzer, or main desk? Work out your plan of attack. 

 3 – Retreat to a coffee shop, or other safe place to calm your nerves and wait for a more sensible time to arrive. Walk up to Reception with 15 minutes to go. Do not be the lemon waiting around the office for 45 minutes, getting in the way. 

 4 – Know your stuff – research the company, market, job, and customers. Know it, or get out. Do not tell me “I don’t really know anything.”

I have a lot more to cover on this subject, but that’s for a bumper series called: “The Self-Marketeer”.Happy hunting.

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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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