4 Thoughts to Help You Enjoy the Moment

We are too ready to experience important moments in our lives behind the lens of a camera (and that’s hard coming from someone who loves photography), too easily drawn into our smartphones, too ready to say “no, I dont feel like it.”

  1. Be present – choose to put your camera down when a once in a lifetime event happens, see it with your own eyes. Take one or two photos to trigger your real-life memories later. The fact you remember it with your eyes will make that experience so much richer.
  2. In a restaurant, be there – make a rule that whenever you are having a meal with your loved ones, you are not on your phone. Twitter, Facebook and the news can wait a few hours. They aren’t going anywhere. They are for “idle time”, not “present time.”
  3. Don’t complain – if you have to queue prior to an experience, or something went a little wrong – keep that negativity inside, if you do not express it, it will go away. You will instead focus on what you enjoyed, not the faults.
  4. You will not feel like it – understand that you are built to be lazy. Fight through the fog of your laziness, say yes when your lazy brain wants to say no. Go out, live life, find the present moment that’s out there.

How are you going to be present in the moment?


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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