50+ Things to Live A Better Life – Before the Beginning

I am working on building a framework for how to live a better life. Some of this is from my own experience, a lot of it is from others I am reading, listening to, and learning from in person, but I want to provide a source for that information to help reduce the cost of finding that knowledge – and to improve on it.

I will talk more about each item in individual articles, so that we learn together, so that we can become an army of people striving to do more, to change the world, or our society, or to influence the lives of individuals.

Do I, personally, have all of the answers? No I don’t. I’ll be very honest about that. But, I am doing my very best to be a life-long learner, and to be a coach and mentor to others who are not at the same level of progression as myself. And, I’m on a mission to be around those that are far ahead of me in my own development.

A lot of what I’m learning has it’s roots in the recent past, some of it was formed in the far flung history, and some of it is inspired by the possibilities the future brings.

I’m studying how we can have an aim to improve ourselves, but also how we can aim to improve those around us, or seek out those who need to learn from us — because they don’t know how to find those with the knowledge.

I’m on a mission to improve myself, to improve those around me, and to make the most of this precious life I have before it’s too late — and when I say that, as a young man, I don’t mean think too late will be thirty years old, I mean when the next 50 years pass me by and I left it far too long to do all the right things.

That mission has already begun, it started years ago, but now I’m seeing an exponential acceleration in my understanding, my access to the right knowledge, and the opportunities I am seeing, because of the years of foundational work I have put in place.

At the moment, that list is formed of 50+ rules / laws / steps, it’s likely to increase, but already it is a pretty condensed list of things to focus on in life.

This list is part of my strategy for self-improvement, the rules and tips I will follow, and do follow, to have a great life. But, more importantly, it’s a piece of work that I can give to others, to provide the resources I couldn’t find, that weren’t accessible to me, because lack of awareness, prohibitive cost, or difficult in seeking it out.

So, do you want to join me on this mission?

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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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