What Are You Going To Do Today?

I want you to be honest with me, what did you do today? It’s Saturday, you got your first day off work, you have nothing scheduled, and you have a project idea in a notebook, or on a Post-It.

Did you pick up your tools and make work on that project, did you make the baby steps towards building what you dream of doing. Did you put off writing that blog post, building that product, forming that speech, learning more on that topic?

This morning, Andy Stitt woke up earlier than his wife and interviewed me for his podcast — and I attended. We grew ourselves, we produced something that will help others grow, and — I’m sure I can speak for Andy here — we had primed ourselves for the rest of the day of productivity.

All around us, others have been engaging their brains and using some of that non-day-job time to build something, to choose themselves, and put something out into the world that their niche/tribe/audience is hungry for.

The TV, games, and Facebook are for Idle Time, and not for Empire Building Time. If you’re filling your available time with idle tasks, then you can no longer use the “I have no time” excuse.

Learn. Build. Grow. Ship. Share.

Now, what are you going to do today?


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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