Launching the Positive Pragmatist Series of Blog Posts

I have a lot going on, the book, Twitter, horror podcast, daily blog posts – and I’m thinking about doing something else?

Since the Your Turn Challenge in January, I have been feeling the wind of momentum in my sails. It has made me feel like the impossible is just that little bit more possible – that trying harder, longer, and more imaginatively than others just might lead to fruition.

At least, at the end of each of those projects, if I don’t become successful as a writer, podcaster, blogger, I can say that I attempted greatness and that I have achieved what others haven’t; a blog, a podcast series, a novel.

And it’s with that same attitude, I want to begin my new series of blog posts that I’m calling the Positive Pragmatist – an apt description of how I view my approach to life.

It’s a series of rules of thumb, ideals, and advice about how to make a life that leads to making the most of the good times, fights through the bad times, and opens yourself up to what the world has to teach you.

I have 80 posts worth of material, and it is likely to grow.

Are your ready to come along for the ride?

Let me know: @KG_Heath on Twitter


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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