Today, I decided to head on down to the local half-decent coffee shop to enjoy some time reading a random battered up book from my bookshelves.

Today, it’s Speaker for the Dead, the book Orson Scott Card wanted to write all along, but Enders Game needed to come around first.

The writing is very good for a Sci-fi novel, and tackles some difficult ideas. I’m not very far in, but already, it’s got all the magic of Enders Game.

It was also the first day where you could venture outside without a coat, so I sat outside to catch up on some sunshine for the first time in months.

It was really good to have a chance to be outside, to switch off from the now, and to dive into a good book – analogue-style. The coffee was not bad either.

I was going to write the first in my Positive Pragmatist series today, but my head is not in the right place. I have a fuzzy head, and my motivation is running a little low. I think it’s due to the amount I have going on.

At times like this, I find shutting down for a day, reading, or watching films, and rebooting with motivational podcasts gets me back on track.

I have also been consuming a ton of MSG due to a take-out binge for cheat day so it’s probably the come down from being jacked up enough to see into the future.

Normal service will be resumed real soon.

The podcast is also going to get into the meat of the plot, why is the world falling apart, why is that thing in the mountains, and how can Peter and his men earn Martin’s trust?

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KG Heath

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