3 Thoughts on Better Loving Relationships

I went through your usual series of short term relationships, each of them either fizzling out, or ending after a terrible rift.

But maturity, reading, and some conscious has led me to a place to slightly better understanding things.

If anything, it gives me and the wife the ability to turn the bad stuff right back into goodness.

  1. Allow Arguments to Stop – defending your point is not always necessary. Stop shouting, keep your thoughts to yourself, and stop feeding the argument.
  2. Apologise For Shouting – if you were wrong, and you didn’t want things to lead to a shouting, then take the time to apologise unprovoked.
  3. Make an Effort – get your partner a gift, have an adventure, say yes to sex (even if you’re tired, you’ll wake right up), understand relationships aren’t just about chilling, spoil your girl, or guy.

Have fun, laugh, find the adventures and enjoy them together. And if you need to argue, make them short, and apologise.

Even if it wasn’t your fault.

And guys, do the trash just for good measure.

Then apologise.

Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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