What is the Centre of Your World?

It’s important to know, because if you’re focussed too much on one particular thing, then your life is not balanced and you might not be making the most of all the opportunities before you.

It’s fine to have priorities in your life, to have focusses, but it’s not a good thing when you focus on only one of those elements all of the time at the detriment on the other elements of your life.

Stephen Covey in his book The Seven Habits of HIghly Effective People covers this in much more detail, but I want to take a high level overview of this, but I do highly recommend you take a look at this chapter of the book.

Now this is not about you only having one interest, or one hobby, but it’s about how your centre affects the way you make decisions about the rest of your life. How these decisions revolve around how you identify yourself and what is important to you.

Stephen Covey covers a number of different centres, but I want to talk about the following centres:
– Work
– Family
– Church (social group, not religion)
– Pleasure

So, let’s riff on these four points a little more and how they relate to how you might make a decision.

Work Centred
Those who identify their centre as work can have an amazing amount of focus on their job, and this can mean they are successful at it. However, it can also come to mean that you overwork, and that your home life can miss out on your attention.

When deciding between taking time of work to attend an event your colleagues and friends will be attending, or continuing your work to impress the boss – this can mean you will be doing the additional work of your colleagues, and your family, friends, colleagues may even miss your presence at that event.

Family Centred
For some, family is the meaning of life. Their wife and kids can be the most important things in life, and their needs and thoughts can rule the decisions they make for themselves.

So, when thinking whether to attend that event, you might think about being around your kids, or what your wife will think of you attending that event instead of being home with her and the kids. Or, when thinking about whether you should go for that job opportunity across the country, you will factor how this will affect your family and you are more likely not to go for it because you do not want to cause your family and upheaval and upset.

Church Centred
Stephen Covey make a point about defining church going (make that any religious temple going) and religion as two separate things. The focus here is much more on how your fellow church goers are a social circle you have to contend with on how they like or dislike the things you do, or the decisions that you make.

So, when thinking about attending that event, you may think about what your church going friends may think about your attendance, or you not attending.

Pleasure Centred
For a good portion of the population, life is all about pleasure, about the times when you’re not at work, or performing chores. You only live once, and all that.

So when choosing between working longer, to impress the boss, other colleagues, customers, or knocking off work and going to that event with your friends and colleagues, you’re very likely going to be logging off and grabbing your coat ahead of others – because you’re all about that bass, that bass, that bass. No treble.

There are a few more centres, and Covey goes into a bit more detail about each of the points, but you probably get the gist by this stage. You can get too fixated with each centre, allowing your thoughts processes to pass through only one filter, altering how you view each challenge, or option, around you.

You need to ensure you have a balanced view to the world, to ensure you have the right centre to ensure you can lead the most affective and positive life you can.

What’s your centre?

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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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