Why Am I Losing Hits and I Can’t Bring Them Back?

This blog is still in it’s early days. I’ve been blogging daily, with a few gaps here and there like a child’s missing teeth, and I saw a great increase in hits coming from Twitter and Facebook – but then the hits started dropping, and dropping, and almost stopped all together. My Twitter followers stopped increasing at the same incredible pace they were. Why? I’m blogging, I’m tweeting.

And then I realised, I had stopped following the tactics that had lead me to find that audience. I had allowed a lull in following others, faving, retweeting to take place. I had stopped writing compelling headlines in favour of easier, more mundane ones.

The personal struggles, the emotional headlines, the posts that struck a cord with people – I stopped them. Some of that was because I was struggling to think of posts, some of it was me not putting in enough effort.

But hey, there’s a lot going on in my life right now – when I’m not working a strenuous day job with it’s own challenges, I’m filling my remaining time with a blog, podcast, and Twitter stream to maintain. It’s a full-on part-time job in itself. I’m allowed the odd lull, but it can’t be allowed to last forever.

I started spending some more time on my headlines, found some more compelling and original topics to post on, and I went from five hits one day, back up to a healthier double-digit score (10-20 per day).

I hadn’t lost my audience, they just didn’t have a good enough reason to pop on over. And that was my fault. I had fallen victim to a little bit of “me too” syndrome, and a lack of creativity.

I have a small following, but they are an active bunch who comment on FB and tweet me on the Twitter. I need to do a better job of consistently serving them, and attracting more followers.

That’s all of our jobs as content creators, bloggers, writers, coaches – however you describe yourself. We need to make compelling articles and stories that are worth reading, worth spreading, worth getting excited about.

If it’s not worth taking the time to shout about, it wasn’t worth the time to write it, record it, think about it.

That’s the world we’re in now. The bar is set high enough that mediocre, same-old-same-old, just isn’t enough. It needs to be original (not you sprouting someone else’s thoughts), not the status-quo message, but from your niche, your angle in life.

If you follow that mantra in the way you act in person, the things you say, write, share, then people will want to listen to you, follow you, and share you with their friends.

Be a ruckus maker, not a member of the herd. Build something awesome (awesome is within everyone’s grasp), it’s never been easier to do it.

Are you feeding your audience, or are you leaving them wanting more?


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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