Positive Pragmatist 2: Learn to Give Things Up

This is part two of my Positive Pragmatist series, 50+ lessons, rules, and thoughts on leading a life full of opportunity and excellence.

Today, we need to look at giving things up so we can have more. Yes, that’s right, I’m not losing my mind, I just said you have to let go of things, so you can have more.

How’s that work?

Glad you asked. You see, we have a cognitive bias (more on those in another post) to hold onto jobs, objects, people in our lives. We perceive that it’s not good to let go of something, or someone. That’s why you have all that stuff in your spare bedroom, or garage. You can’t let stuff go.

But, that means you have all this baggage, all this weight that hampers you choices in life. You have whiney friends, mood hoovers, or down right rude people in your life. But, you don’t seem to be able to let them go.

Want to take that great job in another city, fancy a total life reboot by going to another country? What about all this stuff we’ve spent years collecting? What about the majority of my friends who bring me down, expect too much from me?

It’s too hard, let’s not do it. Let’s play it safe, keep all this stuff, keep all the people we know.

You need to keep yourself agile, nimble enough to make any choice you feel is the right thing to do, to keep the hunger within you for a great life, wherever you want to lead that life.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Get rid of the people in your life who offer you nothing but negativity. Choose to do the great, exciting things in life.

And when you find that great life, those great people, in an exciting corner of the world, then you can surround yourself with the things you like, and need to enjoy the amazing dream you’re living.

What stuff, or people could you do with dropping?

What options have you not chosen because you felt weighed down your belongings, and the people around you?


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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