Why Couldn’t Tumblr Keep Up? – On Thinking About the Future and Planning for Blog Growth

Tumblr is a great platform. It’s built for mobile, it’s fast, and it has a strong community of folks who are into following, liking, reblogging, and making hilarious GIFs (I’m a giffer, not a jiffer). However, once I started using it seriously for content creation, I very quickly outgrew its abilities.

I used to use WordPress a few years ago (surprise, surprise, this is not my first attempt at a blog), but, at the time, it was not very friendly to update your blog on the go. Native apps were not all the rage for blogging platforms, and I was not a fan of the WordPress mobile website.

Tumblr had a native app that was aimed at sharing quickly, and it all had a lovely shiny look, making you want to share little snippets from around the Web.

However, my needs have changed. I’ve taken a much more serious focus on writing articles, ensuring my blog is accessible to existing, and new audiences, and that requires an amount of functionality that Tumblr cannot get anywhere near.

I’m not in the world of snippets any more, I’m in the realm of real content and that requires a content management system that can handle that kind of functionality, whilst giving me more room to grow.

  • Already, I’ve gained:
  • Comments
  • More flexible blog post formatting (in line images in text articles)
  • Better, and more obvious, share buttons
  • More flexible template layouts and customisation
  • Related Post functionality
  • Popular Post widget
  • Category widget

All of the above (comments is an experiment) are necessary to ensure you have a decent landing page, ease of access to your content, and the ability to offer more types of content.

I’ve put two months of work into my Tumblr blog since I moved to shipping posts daily, and I was concerned about moving things to a whole other address and platform, but I’m not too far into this journey that I have have the world’s biggest audience to communicate a change to. The move isn’t going to be too hard in light of the bigger impact this will have on the future of my blog.

I’m gearing myself up for the potential of hundreds, maybe, even, thousands of hits per day. I’m not going to have the time for all the manual work that was involved with maintaining a tumblog to look even half way like this.

So, I’m ready for the future. I’m excited about the potential new articles to come, the people I’m going to welcome here, and who I will be able to engage with.

It’s time to crack these knuckles, stretch my muscles, and head on out into the blogosphere with a renewed sense of purpose and some new weapons at my disposal.

Let’s go.



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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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