How Buying Clicks and Followers Doesn’t Help You


When you’re starting a blog, it’s very easy to get hooked up on how many visits, or followers you have. It’s an easy metric to monitor, but it’s not really the main figure you want to be improving.

There are plenty of individuals who will sell you followers, or guaranteed clicks. They all sound like Snake Oil dealers. And they are preying on what beginners think are the important numbers to be focussing on. The numbers that will massage your ego, and not your actual influence, or bank balance.

It’s hard starting any meaningful project. You have dreams of where you want it to be, and you have the enthusiasm to want it to be seen and enjoyed by the masses. And when they don’t come, it really does hit you. Your enthusiasm can give way to negativity. 

And that’s when the linkbate tactics seem “mind-blowing”. When the thought of buying followers seems attractive. But, that’s the same as hiring a prostitute looking for love.

The number of followers you have is not the problem. The number of people engaging with you, thanking you, asking for your help — that is what you should be focussing on. 

It’s much better to have 1,000 people who are all sharing your posts, commenting, and buying your work, than it is to have 1,000 followers, and none of them interacting with you, or buying your products.

Aim to give value over the long-term to your true fans, rather than amounting a large number of faceless clicks. 

Right now, I don’t have the biggest crowd following me, but those that are, they are giving me about a 70% engagement rate (Twitter is a different beast) on the blog and mailing list. And I’m happy with that.

Stop focussing on the ego metrics, and focus more on engaging, and helping your audience with the value you can bring.

Do you still want those guaranteed clicks?

Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

3 thoughts on “How Buying Clicks and Followers Doesn’t Help You”

  1. When I worried about FOLLOWERS my blogging was desultory at best. Who’d want to read this? And I was just so cautious about subject matter.
    Then I started blogging for myself, sharing my thoughts and memories. The blog became so much easier to write, and people follow me because they want to read what I have to say.

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  2. Really a fantastic post. It IS really easy to get caught up in the numbers but you have to think about what you do when you follow blogs. Which ones do you ACTUALLY read and participate on? The ones that offer you something, be it knowledge, advice, or entertainment. So keep that in mind when developing or writing for your own.

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