Why I Disappeared From Social Media and Blogging for a Week

It seems a little odd, doesn’t it? I’m trying to build an online presence, and content that will please my audience, but then I disappear for a week. The longest amount of time since January that I wasn’t interacting with anyone. Exactly the opposite of what I really needed to be doing

So, why did I let this happen?

It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just sort of happened. I felt numb to the whole concept of updating both the blog and my Twitter account. It wasn’t a dislike, or a lack of empathy for my audience. It wasn’t a dislike of my subject matter. 

Instead, I just took the time to live in the real world for a while. I met up with a college friend, snuggled up with the wife, and read a real world book, and drank some booze.

It was almost like a time of reflection and meditation on all the important things. Like, there is more to life than just doing and working. There is living. Time where the outside world and its pressures doesn’t need to affect you. 

There is a time and a place for working, and for living. Make sure these are in balance. And when life comes calling for you to play with it unmolested, answer that call and live a little. 

Go play with the kids, or ride a bike, or skip stones. Do something that isn’t about production, creation, or analysis. Clock off and be lazy. 

Take a lazication for a few days. You’ll feel refreshed when you come back to the surface of reality. 


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

One thought on “Why I Disappeared From Social Media and Blogging for a Week”

  1. Yes! We need that every once in a while. I could use a break right now. I’m thinking that after I get my taxes done and finish my month-long blogging challenge, I will take one of those lazications, go to my mom’s and veg out in front of Food Network for a few hours.

    Glad you had some time to recharge your batteries!


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