A Return to Nature – Of Camping, Unplugging, and Doing Nothing

The wife and I packed up the car (half the apartment) and headed off for the woods. 3 hours later, we arrived in the New Forest, a protected sanctuary where technology barely works and animals roam freely.

Within minutes, we settled into the rhythm of things – which meant sitting watching other people doing exactly the same, with a beer in hand. We let go of the baggage of our normal lives in the blink of an eye.

When not doing any of the unpacking, or prepping of meals, I sat and did nothing. I didn’t even read a book. I could have done. I just chose not to. I watched the weather, the animals, and the people. And just as I got a little bored, it was time to do something with my hands, like making the BBQ or packing us up for the night.

We need these moments of silent bliss, to allow us to better cope with our work lives (whether that’s a paid job, or unpaid carer). It allows you to return to the fight fully charged, rather than be constantly dog tired.

We’ve made a commitment to each other that every Bank Holiday we will go camping, to switch off from everything and to live at a much slower pace of life for a few days.

I recommend you do the same, no matter your situation. It’s not selfish. It’s all part of finding yourself and better coping with what life throws at you. It allows you to pick yourself up and get back into the fight.

It’s easy to get sucked into believing that life has to be a rat race. In fact, it can run at all different paces.

It depends on you.

You have the power to make choices, no matter your circumstances. The question is: are you willing to make that decision?

Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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