Non-Employing Entrepreneurs Breaking $1 Million Inspire The Way Forward

Here is a nice bit of inspiration for anyone looking to go it alone. 

Allen Walton, 27, lives a life many Americans can only dream of: He is on track for seven-figure revenue in a business that has been a one-man show until very recently, when fast-growth made it necessary to hire someone to answer the phones. Walton manages his year-old online store,, from his home in the Dallas area, where he lives with his wife, Karen.

He’s not a graduate of an elite business school. “I was a high school failure,” says Walton. “I had a 2.9 GPA.” Before starting the business, he worked in a security camera store for $11 an hour. But he was a quick study of the spy-camera business and tapped what he learned create a store that sells about 100 products he is confident his customers want.

Walton is part of an exciting trend in the U.S economy: the growth of ultra-lean businesses that are hitting and exceeding $1 million in revenue at a stage when they have no employees other than the owners.

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Via Tim Ferriss.

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