One Year Ago Today

About this time one year ago I was nervous and wearing a dinner jacket. In fact, the weather was exactly the same, hot with some threat of rain. 

It was the day I married my wife. 

It’s been a great first year together, and we’re only getting stronger as a couple. We know what we want from life and we are more than content to be just the two of us. 

We are not built to face the world alone. We hold hands for a reason, because we gain strength and support from knowing someone has our back. 

Find your special someone, keep them close, and then marry them, or commit yourself to them in another way. 

Long term relationships are not easy, they require work, but the rewards for that work can be enormous. 

If you’re not committing your heart to another person you’re not living one of the main tenents of my approach: finding your true potential in love. 


Published by

KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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