Why Is A Convicted Criminal A Source of Fitness Advice?

When you’re locked in a small cell with little to do, it’s amazing how inventive you can be about getting fit and building muscle. 

I’m a big believer in bodyweight exercises and fitness on the cheap.

This article has some great exercise ideas you can trust – from a criminal. 

Besides a few brief stints of freedom, notorious British criminal and troublemaker Charles Salvador (better known as Charles Bronson) has been serving time since 1974. During these decades behind bars, and often confined to isolation, Bronson has become a fitness fanatic, creating workout programs that require only his bodyweight and a few odd objects. His extreme regimen has given him near-superhuman strength — he claims to be able to do 172 push-ups in 60 seconds, pick up a pool table by himself, and bend a steel prison cell door with his bare hands. He’s set many prison fitness records as well, including one for most push-ups in an hour: 1,727.

Read the full article.


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KG Heath

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