Why Your Success Requires You To First Set Yourself On Fire

I first started my journey within the self-improvement space when I was working with a charity coaching and training people looking to get a job.

My clients needed a lot of help, but one of the most important aspects that needed covering was their motivation. It can be punishing trying to get a job. And that’s where I came across my all-time favourite quote. I would like to share it with you today:

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”
Arnold H. Glasgow

Doesn’t that put a spark in your heart?

Yes, I did just throw a pun out there.

This is an important lesson for you to understand. Success in life is not automatic, it requires action.

Since when have you ever received anything by just sitting there staring into the distance, watching cat videos, or cursing your fate.

No, you get everything in life by getting out there, building things, making connections; causing momentum by the actions you have been taking and how that compounds the opportunities you come across.

Success is a snowball falling down a mountain. You need to get it started through initial action, but then as gravity (small wins) takes over, the snowball gets bigger. The speed and the size of that snowball causes it to get bigger even faster.

When opportunities start being thrown at you without your own action, that is when you have reached the state of an influencer. People want to be associated with you, or to work with you, because of your presence.

But, this starts with that first step you need to take. Write that book, upload that first YouTube video, start that podcast, work with that first client, apply for that new job.

You are in control of your fate. You just need to choose to act.

And that is going to make you feel afraid. Because it’s you delving into the Great Unknown, and we have evolved to be smart by not choosing to jump into dark voids.

But, here’s the truth: life begins beyond the void. People in control of their fates, earning their true value, and reaching the state of influencer are the ones that chose to leap.

The fire in this article’s quote is not one of self-immolation. It is, instead, the spark of your own success.

If you’re sat there wanting to reach your true potential, to achieve your goals, or to turn your life around there is only one piece of advice that I can give you.

Go set yourself on fire, and show the world the brightness of your ambition.

KG Heath is a Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. He helps people to reach their full potential. You can download his debut novel free right here.


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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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