Cycling To End Another Grenfell Tragedy

When I decided to join Team Shelter, I never could have imagined that the plight of those at the lower tier of the rental market would be so highlighted by the EPIC tragedy that happened at Grenfell Tower. It is an absolute failure that a building who’s residence were under the duty of care of the Borough Council was so disgustingly unsafe.
How many more rental apartments are unsafe, unhygienic, and not fit for purpose?

I am dedicating my charity ride to all those effected by unsafe housing conditions, and to the Shelter charity who campaign and assist those in need of assistance whether they are facing the plight of:

– Unsafe buildings

– Unhygienic conditions

– Short rental contracts

– Poor maintenance

– Homelessness

Help me to help those in need by pledging what ever you can. Let’s raise another £300 or more in the next month for Team Shelter.

Enough is enough, things must change in the rental market.

Donate here.


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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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