Start Now No Funding Needed And Fight Procrastination

You want to start a business, but don’t have an idea. 

You want to start a business, but you don’t want to start until you get funding, an MBA, or that big client. 

If this is you, you need to watch this video from Derek Sivers

And then read this article.

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Why Nobody Cares – The Pain of Creation

For creators, there is a sad truth. Just because you made something does not mean anyone will care.

Whether it’s a YouTube channel, an Instagram account of amazing artwork, or a blog. Do not assume a throng of people will come, just because you completed the art of creation.

Does that mean we shouldn’t create? No, you must.

Why No One Cares

I said in my interview on the Build Your Platform podcast with Andy Stitt, your friends and family can’t be relied upon to be your first loyal audience. They will either dissuade you from the act of creation, or will not engage with your creation.

Is it because they are heartless bastards who want you to suffer in a pit of your own despair? No. They have their own lives and have no idea of your pride, or excitement in what you have made. Maybe they don’t like that kind of thing.

You also can’t expect the world to come running to your YouTube channel, or whatever else creative portal. Expect to be shouting into the void. You’ll be doing that because there is too much shiny out there, and these platforms are designed to support those who are popular, because the community endorses them, or the algorithms understand their work enough to promote with the confidence the audience will like them.

It’s also the artists journey, to at first make when no one is watching, to never give up until the world comes running.

Why You Should Create

If you have a talent, whether it is singing, photography, writing, painting, etc, then you should utilise that skill. You should hone it, and you should let it free into the world.

But, you cannot allow vanity to get in the way. Likes and followers allow for some instant gratification, but your work is not about them.

Creation is about letting your ideas free, to make something only you could have made and to share that with others.

But, it’s also about helping and connecting with others. Meet up with, or connect online, with other creators. Remember, YouTube, Instagram etc are social networks, so engage with others.

We need to fully explore the topic of platform building in more depth, but creation, broadcasting, is not enough. The future is about engaging.

In short, the tl;dr, is this:

Create like nobody cares.

How Seth Godin Manages His Life

To the loyal readers of this blog, I don’t have to do any introduction to Seth Godin. But, let’s just say he is a specialist in the area of shipping and marketing.

I have found his writing and talks to be utterly fascinating since I first stumbled across him about six years ago. Since then, I’d devoured what I can online. I have read a few of his books, but not as many as I should do. If you knew what my book backlog looked like, you would know why.

But, Seth Godin is someone you need to enjoy in either audio, or video – or, as I’m so jealous of, in person like my friend Fraser did whilst volunteering for one of his courses in New York.

And that’s why I’m recommending this podcast episode to you. I think it makes for the ultimate example of Seth Godin at his best. You will certainly come away with some great learning from this experience.

Stick your headphones on and do the dishes to this one.

Listen to the episode here.

The Most Dangerous Word Is Just – How To Know Your Real Career Potential

We have probably all said it when describing ourselves to others. “I’m just an X.”

But, I was taught this lesson a long time ago when I said: “oh, I’m just a trainer.” Right there, I degraded a career seen as a skilled worker’s job.

The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential.”

Calvin Coolidge

I’ve been fortunate to work in the training world for over six years. In that time, I had a chance to work with people down on their luck, fighting to get back on their feet and find work. Much of the work I had to do was to get them to take pride in their achievements and the skills they had gained.

The feeling of falling behind is common among high achievers. The bar is set high. Drive leads us to look at others who are further ahead, and to feel that we are not enough.

But, like a child learning to work, who falls after only a few steps, it’s important to look back at how far we have come, no matter how many times we have – or we feel – we have tripped.

Realising Your Value

So, how do we realise what our worth is, how much progress we have made?

We need to see the forest for the trees.

Write down on a sheet of paper, or several, all the individual skills you have. Whether it’s tying knots, cooking, quieting a crying baby, teaching a nervous technophobe to check their emails, motivating someone, CPR, writing clearly and concisely, or putting together furniture. You are the sum of this jigsaw of skills.

It is these abilities that are the envy, and the desirable abilities, others want or need.

It’s important to take pride in each of these abilities, to use them to get ahead of your peers, to help others, and to teach them to others.

Every step on the career ladder is about reaching for the next thing you cannot do yet, and relying on the multitude of things you are already capable of.

Grasp these skills, master them, utilise them, and cherish them, with unapologetic pride.

Looking Back

Do not look back on your journey with negativity, believing it is not enough. You cannot change the past, you can only move forward.

Accept the lessons you have learned, and move forward with purpose and conviction.

You are not just anything. You are the envy of others, but only if you realise your potential. For then you will have the kind of sense of purpose and positivity that others will lack.

Become an inspiration to them. Do great things, using your real potential. Do not be held back by your negative perception of what you can do and what you have done.

We can all be great, if we believe it.

Do you? Let me know in the comments.

Today’s Links

Here’s an interesting experiment, a few links that I recommend you check-out.

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Make This The Year You Start Your Journey To Fulfilling Your Ambition

We all have career and life goals, and they seem so difficult to attain. But, here’s the thing. This can be the year you start your journey.

And it’s easier than you think — not to reach your end goal, but to start the journey there.

As Casey Neistat says:

“It’s not the ideas that matter, but the execution.”

That means you need to start, and do, and work, and finish.

All of that is going to be on top of the day job — or the three jobs you hold down. But, the sooner you start to do the real work you’re dreaming of, the sooner you will achieve your end goals.

This year can be about starting and doing. You just need to start.

If you want to be a Youtuber, you just make an account and start making you first video. If you want to be an artist, then you be start making some art. If you want to have your own business, then you best start working on your product/service.

Don’t Have A Definite Goal?

If you’re not sure what you want to do, then you need to start doing more of anything. It’s only through action that you will find your purpose.

Because sometimes, your purpose will be a surprise to you.

Go and meet more people, experience more things, say yes to what you makes you scared (especially if it’s about what other people will think of you).

Adventures are meant to be scary.

You can make this year what ever you want it to be, you just need to do it.

Tell me what you are going to do with this year in the comments.

Who Should I Listen To For Inspiration?


Deciding what thought-leader to listen to is not an easy problem to solve. There are lots of people who may lack substance, but are well versed in the skills of Influence. 

Or bullshit. 

“That’s easy for you to say,” you say. It is, because my risk aversion to Bullshit and the scent of Influence is much stronger than it was two years ago. 

It is easy to be adversely effected by those who lack real insight, but are able to motivate you towards achieving their aims. Influence uses everyday language to activate a response in us, one that we are powerless to either notice, or cease to be effected by. I could be influencing you now, and you would never know. 

Influence can be powerful when it’s used for good, or terrible when it’s used for bad intentions.

But, I don’t want you to agree with me. 

Oh whoops, there I go influencing you to agree with me. 

So, how do we know whether someone actually knows what they are talking about. If you go purely off what they write about, or talk about then you are falling victim to their tools of Influence. Look beyond what they say, and look at their actions. 

I watched an interview with at Dreamforce 2014. He was talking about how he wants to release today the device we could build in ten years, like a smart band that doesn’t need tethering to a phone. 

So, I looked at reviews of that smart band he released. The Verge call it the worst device they have touched in 2015. What does that say? He doesn’t know what he’s doing in the tech industry. 

Be cautious who you take advice from, do your due diligence, but then take the advice of those you discover can do what they preach.