Now On Facebook

With it’s billion users and the fast moving strategy for Facebook Instant Articles, my audience is seeing so much of their favourite content through the Facebook Silo.

And the numbers can be staggering. Comparing views of Youtuber videos where YouTube hits might be 2 million, a recent video I saw had 24 million views.

It’s also a great platform to continue the conversation. And I enjoy that element of blogging the most.

Articles will still be here first in full, but you can also get your fix by liking the Facebook Page.

You can also find my articles on LinkedIN Pulse if that is your preferred platform. It’s currently a little harder to publish there, but I will continue to make it work.

I have also experimented with Medium, but I’m not a major fan. Who goes there?

Once available to all publishers, I’ll get onboard the Instant Articles train.

Here’s to a super-duper 2016 for the blog and my loyal readers.

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