The NHS at 70 – How It’s Impacted My Life

The NHS is a national treasure here in the U.K. Free at the point of need, it’s a constant safety net that when your health takes a dive there’s someone willing to assess and treat you. And they don’t ask for much money from you, if they ask it all.

To put into context how great the NHS is, I thought I’d recount the times the NHS impacted my life somehow:

The NHS was there to treat my sister’s malformed hip.

The NHS was there to save my father’s life after a motorcycle accident where he almost lost his foot.

The NHS was there when I was born by Caesarian section.

The NHS was there to stitch my thumb when I dropped a glass milk bottle as a toddler.

The NHS was there when my mum slipped and fell in the garden, breaking her arm, and I as a toddler went next door to ask for help and the neighbours called an ambulance.

The NHS was there to give me all of my vaccinations that prevent a myriad of debilitating or fatal diseases.

The NHS was there when I needed a home visit because of the flu.

The NHS was there when I cut open my head to the skull when a swing hit me.

The NHS was there to treat my nan’s emphysema, extending her life to see her grandchildren grow up and to meet her first great-grandson.

The NHS was there when my nan’s emphysema attacks forced her into hospital.

The NHS was there to see my nan go to that long good night when her illness finally beat her.

The NHS was there to bring my three nephews into the world.

The NHS was there to vaccinate them and treat numerous child related illnesses they came down with.

The NHS was there to diagnose my mum’s broken foot.

The NHS was there to treat my childhood asthma.

The NHS was there to straighten my teeth and remove a broken tooth.

The NHS was there to treat my mothers broken wrist and provide her with physiotherapy.

The NHS was there to diagnose my brother-in-law’s cancer, and provide him with best in the world chemotherapy to lengthen his stay with us – but, it could not save him.

The NHS was there to treat my wife’s skin condition, and continue to deploy tests and medication to this day.

The NHS was there to treat my wife’s wounds from her skin condition and an accident with a dog lead. Don’t ask.

The NHS was there to treat my chest infections.

The NHS was there to save my father-in-law’s life when his big toe needed amputating due to a complication of his diabetes.

The NHS was there to diagnose my back pain and provide treatment advice.

The NHS was there when I was a first aider responding to a child hit by a car and another time a colleague was bitten by an adder. For the second time.

The NHS is going to replace my dad’s knee and have him walking and driving within 8 weeks from start to finish.

About 99% of what I described above involved no cost to me or those mentioned. Only where there was the flat price prescription fee, or dentist visit would a payment have been made.

I have worked for software suppliers to the NHS and had the pleasure of meeting and working with hundreds of NHS workers around the U.K.

They are a special bunch and the NHS is an amazing, imperfect, but truly brilliant organisation.

Here’s to 70 years of the NHS and may it continue to impact the lives of many more who turn to it in their time of need.


A New Blog on Cycling

Whilst running TPP, I was looking for a way to niche down. I’m still very passionate about self-development and I continue to lead teams where this is a daily focus for each person within my team.

But, it’s difficult to write purely about self-development because it’s such a wide topic.

During my journey to push my limits, I found a new passion – cycling.

I’ve started a blog called PigDog Cyclist. It will cover my continuing journey and the tactics and products I find help me to get gains in this amazing sport.

Check out the intro post here.

Fitness Focus – Slow and Steady Makes You Strong

Since this weeks theme seems to have become about fitness, lets talk a little bit more about it. 

Like all good things in life, you can’t go from zero to a hundred immediately. Instead, it’s about constant, consistent improvement. 

Here’s my steps trend for the last month:  

Yes things go up and down, but there is a distinct trend upwards. And the more steps I take, the easier it is for me to improve. 

The last point on that chart was mostly achieved through a session in the hotel gym, here. 

I have been using walking as a training piece to allow me to better transition to running. And the result was fantastic. I could run!

Previous attempts to get back on the horse of the running game have been fraught by a lack of stamina. But, today was different. I was able to go on and on. I took a few walking breaks on the treadmill, but most of my hour of training was spent running. 

Whilst we are wired to expect fast results, the truth is we have to attack the problem of fitness one step at a time. And before you know it, a month has gone by and you get the above kind of result.

Here’s my distance trend: 


As expected, this has increased. I didn’t even know I was walking around 6-7 miles a day recently. It didn’t even feel like it.

How did I do it?

I walk twice a day. Once at 7am (I’ve wanted to become an early riser for a while, and I’ve locked in this habit now), and again at about 7pm. Each walk is about an hour at my regular pace. 

And that’s it. 

The only thing I did notice was that my feet started hurting. Transitioning to some good running shoes has helped with that. Problem solved. 

The next stage is about compounding. If I keep this up, where will I be in 3 months, 6 months?

But, it’s all about the commitment everyday, the tiny successes, and the constant strive to improve and grow. 

That’s how you see the results across a longer timeline. 

Your body is an amazing thing. The more you use it, the more it reacts and gets yourself ready to do more of the same, but better. 

This same process works in reverse. 

So, always strive to be doing. 

How have you found your efforts to get more active? Let me know in the comments. 

KG Heath is a health tech professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. You can download his debut novel here for free.

Fitness Update

My steps trend is looking a lot better. It’s taken a few week but I’m now regularly surpassing that 10k steps threshold.

My legs have that ache that comes with muscle and bone development. I can feel the increased strength in my legs.

I’ve been doing a ton of walking. But this is all a gear up towards running. I’m taking my first run this week.

Check back for a deeper dive into fitness for couch potatoes.