Bacon Not So Dangerous?

The WHO has clarified its position on how dangerous bacon and other “processed meats” are in relation to increased cancer risks. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has insisted it is not telling people to stop eating bacon and other processed meats after a report claimed they could increase the risk of cancer.

Bacon is a staple part of the Positive Pragmatist diet. 

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How Wil Wheaton Rebooted His Life

Wil (the actor who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: TNG) describes the seven areas of his life he is focussing on as part of a life reboot. So many of us don’t realise we have sleep walked into unhealthiness and that it’s really hurting us.

About twenty years ago, I had a portable spa in the back yard of my first house. One day, the heater stopped working, so I called a repairman to come out and look at it. He told me that there would be an $85 charge no matter what, and I told him that was okay. When he got to my house, he opened up the access panel where the heater, pump, and filter lived. He looked inside, then looked back at me.

“Did you try pushing the reset button?” He asked.

“Um. No,” I said.

He pushed the reset button, and the heater came back to life.

“That’ll be $85,” he said. I paid him.

This post is about realizing that I was sitting in cold water, and not doing anything to turn the heater back on. This post is about how I hit the reset button.

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How is My Slow-Carb Diet Going After 1 Week?

A lot better than I thought. I had thought that my will-power would not be up to it, and that I would find the diet too cumbersome to fit into my life. So far, I’m finding it very easy.

Since the concept is very easy — cut out white carbs, eat lots of protein, eat until you’re full, and drink lots of water — I’ve been finding I barely have to think about snacking between meals, and I like the fact I’m removing bad carbs from my food.

I like being the odd person scraping the fillings out of sandwiches and gorging on meat at work lunches. I explain the diet and people are interested, though may think I’m still a little bit crazy.

I’m drinking a ton of water, and pissing like a race horse, that’s a novel problem on a three hour drive back home. Coffee with a little cream, not milk, and plenty of Green Tea. Along with more wee wee breaks.

I’ve found my groove with this diet, and I’m enjoying what I get to eat, and I feel good about eating better, like I’m doing some kind of great deed.

I had my first cheat day on Saturday. I had a large breakfast, full-fat soda, popcorn, more soda, a burger, fries, chicken fillets, ice cream sundae, and plenty of red wine.

By the end of the night, I was bloated, gaseous, feeling varying degrees of meh, and looking forward to eating right the next day.

But I was glad for the experience, because I knew that horrid experience was going to teach me how shitty unhealthy eating is, but also that the caloric spike would even help my diet.

On non-cheat days, I’m feeling healthier, more energetic, I’m sleeping better, and I feel my vitality returning. I’ve spent too long feeling lethargic, uncomfortable, and struggling to sleep.

I’m also combining the diet with a high intensity work out (that I’ll write more about I a few weeks time) and cold exposure in the morning to wake up, and at night to fall asleep.

In all, it seems to be working, and I can even parade the candy isle and not really want to eat a single thing.