What Really Happened to Fernando Alonso – F1

There is always an amount of hiding the details in relation to crashes, I’m sure some of which is to protect the confidentiality of a patient, but also to protect the investigation into a crash.

However, this would not be the first big crash to hit the motorsport resulting in serious harm to a driver, and there could be a hint of cover up to hide just how dangerous the sport can be.

Not that danger isn’t something new to drivers. They know that. And we are living in a time when the sport is safer than it ever has been before.

Yet, I’m sure there is sensitivity around big crashes, because of Schumacher (not injured in F1) and Bianchi (who hit a tractor while sliding off a wet track) and it would be terrible to have another driver fighting for their life and recovery.

Here’s to hoping for a full recovery to Alonso, his fight on the track will be sorely missed during the first race.

What Really Happened to Fernando Alonso – F1