What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation / Attack

Since the events of Paris, it’s clear that investigators are busy unraveling the ISIS terrorist network. My prediction is this has caused them to step up their attacks before they lose the chance to. 

There’s also the risk, in our daily lives, that some plain old crazy guy “talking to God on a two way radio”  might decide tonight is the night (couldn’t resist a bit of George Carlin).
So, what can we do if we find ourselves suddenly thrust into the middle of a terrorist attack / active shooter scenario. 

Turns out, quite a bit. This is morbid stuff, but just thinking this stuff through and being aware can do you a bunch of good.

Over the years I’ve talked to a lot of military, tactical, and law enforcement professionals who’ve spent their careers training and dealing with violent individuals: U.S. marshals, SWAT officers, and special forces operators. And I’ve asked them all this same question: What’s an average joe civilian like me supposed to do when faced with a gunman 

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Live On Air: A Shooting In Virginia

Today, the most shocking event occurred: two journalists were killed whilst conducting a live interview, the guest was also injured in the shooting. The killer is believed to be a disgruntled employee of the news channel. 

If this isn’t the surest evidence of why gun control is needed in the U.S. I don’t know what is. 

Countries that have given up their guns have not dissolved into totalitarian states. 

It’s time to stop allowing highly unstable people easy access to weapons. 

This whole story is just crazy. 

The interviewer was 24 and the cameraman 27.