Hiroshima – 70 Years On

Seventy years ago today, the people of Hiroshima went about their business, errands, and work. Living another day of their lives. They were clueless that an American B-29 Superfortress  bomber was flying over Japan, clueless that it was heading for them.

A few minutes later a blinding light out shon the sun. Many were burned to a crisp in an instant, others burned so badly they were maimed. The pavements burned, leaving white shadows where men, women, and children had once stood or lain. And then the shock-wave hit and a mushroom cloud rose into the sky. 

Thousands died that day, and many more would die of their injuries, and from the radioactive poisoning they were unaware was already affecting them.

It would happen again over Nagasaki only three days later.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the only events where nuclear weapons have been used in war times. These are terrible weapons, the very worst of man’s creations.

There have been two subjects of history where I have had to stop reading about the number of victims effected. The numbers were just too high. These events were the Holocaust and Hiroshima. The numbers are just staggeringly appalling.

Seventy years on, nuclear weapons still exist. The only defence against them is mutually assured destruction, and countries, like Iran, India, and Pakistan see nuclear weapons as something to aspire to have.

We must vow to never use them again. That is my honest belief.

I feel, just as Germany owes a lot to the Jews and disabled people of the world, America must also hang it’s head in shame for the terror it rought on this day, seventy years ago.

This is not a day of pride, but a reminder of how far humans will go to kill others.