Job Hunting Webinar That’s Free To Attend – Becoming A Self-marketeer

I like to help people. It’s in my nature. I hold open doors, help lift things, and do the best I can to look after those in my care (personally and professionally). So, when I was a life skills trainer, I felt this was a calling, because people really needed my help. 

Today, that fact is still true. There are too many people who are clueless about lots of things. But, they don’t have to be. 

If you’re struggling to find work, and you’ve been applying for a billion jobs, but not getting any interest, you probably need my help. 

You see, that tells me, you’re failing the first hurdle, the CV/resume/application check. But, the problem may have started much earlier (not birth), in that you may be using a scatter-gun approach to job application. 

There’s an example of the kind of insight I can bring.

The content is tried and tested, having been delivered a lot in front of live delegates, and is backed by industry standards and methods. 

I would like to run this as a free webinar in job search called Becoming A Self-Marketeer. 

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Why Attend

The host, me, is a manager within a digital health supplier, was a life skills trainer, and managed a department within hospitality. I have recruited people, been recruited, and helped others get recruited.

The tactics, tips, and tricks that I can teach you will get you interviews, and can get you job offers. 

Why is it called Becoming A Self-marketeer? Because this isn’t about job search, it’s about knowing you, the product, and selling that to people who need you, the hiring managers.

How? Well, I give you the behind the scenes angle of what it’s like as a recruiter and hiring manager. We would look at everything from choosing the job, to building the CV/resume, interview techniques, and finishing with career tips. 

Does that sound like the kind of thing you need to hear?

And I’d be more than happy to do it all for free via webinar. 

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No need. All attendees would be muted and only able to use the chat feature to ask questions, though some will be selected to speak if they are happy to. Otherwise, it’s fine just to lurk on the call and soak up all the knowledge. 

As I always say, if you feel nervous, you know it’s the right action to be taking. It means you’re about to make a leap. 

Go for it. 

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