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If Medium were more humble, or if they had competition, I would relax about it. But I remember how much RSS suffered for being dominated by Google. And Google was a huge company and could have afforded to run Google Reader forever at a loss. Medium is a startup, a well-funded one for sure, but they could easily pivot and leave all the stories poorly served, or not served at all. I’m sure their user license doesn’t require them to store your writing perpetually, or even until next week.

This article makes a really interesting point about how your content being held in an eco-system like Medium isn’t a good thing.

Personally, I use places like Medium and Pulse for their discoverability in aid of pointing more people towards this blog. Given the points raised in this post, I think that’s probably the best way of using these kinds of services.

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My One Year of Blogging Since the Your Turn Challenge

For those of you who don’t know, things really kicked off when I took part in the Your Turn Challenge – a 7 day long challenge put on by Seth Godin to inspire a group of like-minded individuals to learn the art of shipping everyday.

You can learn more here.

And, it’s been a year since I took part. It’s time to review what I have shipped in that time.

The Footsteps of Madmen Podcast

It’s been a little slow going due to the fact I produced this arse about face. You definitely can’t write a horror story faster than you can narrate and produce it. This led to major production delays.

My bad. But, the project is still alive and I learned a ton of lessons in podcast production.

More episodes will be coming as these characters are very much alive and will form a major series of writing from me.

The Blog

I quickly outgrew the confines of Tumblr. It was great for me farting about, but the real work, and the real exposure came from my move to WordPress. This seems like a great platform for exposure and having the right tools to enable a blog to thrive.

The Positive Pragmatist blog continues to have engaged readers. This is a great avenue for me to help others move through life. It’s not easy and the more I can help people, the better I feel about myself in the world, and the more that I learn about myself.

Thanks to the you, my dear reader.

Subscriber List

I started an email list, which turned more into a way to share blog articles. I didn’t like that much.

I’m now only using the list as a way to share my valuable content. My aim is to ensure that my content is free to the end user, and I’ll figure out the monetisation model as we go along (I’m thinking of sponsorship, but more on that later). So, the list is a way of tracking uptake and giving me a safe route to share my valuable content in a way that allows for fan engagement.

I Published a Book

Actually, it’s a relaunch.

I originally published my debut horror / fantasy novel through Amazon. I wasn’t too happy with the platform and too many people seemed to not have a Kindle, or know you can have the app for free.

So, I decided to follow the advice that Seth Godin said nobody does. Share your first book with at least 100 people and allow them to do what they like with it.

So, I decided to share it with over 500 people instead. Let’s see what happens.

The book is totally free to the reader, and you are more than welcome to send it to friends.

I’d love to know what you think. Subscribe above and you will receive your free, do what you like with it (ie. share it), copy in your email hole. At the time of writing, it’s not released yet. Watch this space though, because it’s coming faster than you know.


I came to understand that I live my life in a particular way. It’s not perfect, but there is a framework to it.

I call it the Positive Pragmatist approach to life. I’m putting my thoughts on this together in what will be a small book, Becoming the Positive Pragmatist

This has been important for me to understand the things I do, and why I do them. My life can cause me some frustrations, but it’s working for me. I think you could get a lot from the lessons I have learned, and the frustrations I face.

Focus On My Health

I started to work out more regularly and to eat better.

It’s not been a perfect ride, but I’m getting better. I have certainly lost weight, and put on some muscle where there wasn’t much.

The project continues. I’m first focussing on getting strong, and then fit. A recent run through the park showed me how bad my fitness has gotten to. I might also have a mild case of asthma returning. I’m wondering if I can fight that through fitness.


It’s a new year, my aim is to keep on this path, to continuing growing myself, my platform, and to bring value to the world. I’m embracing what I do in my day job with what I do outside of work. Since I started doing that in September, I have found nothing but positive outcomes.

We hold ourselves back, but we envy those who put themselves out there.

Well, in 2016, I’m putting myself out there.

I’m returning to my roots in photography, and will be taking Instagram and YouTube seriously. Expect a lot of slowmo and timelapse work, as well as awesome photography. You can find me on Instagram and my YouTube Channel as KG_Heath. It’s all about creating, and shipping.

Keep shipping, every day.

KG Heath is a healthcare technology professional, horror author, podcaster, and self-improvement blogger. You can get his debut novel free here.

Status Update

Life is hard work, and about discipline. I’ve started a good many things in the last 10 months, but it’s time for a status update:

Diet – I lost a few pounds since the start of the year, but not where o want to be no know how, the thought patterns are there. I am making a big change in cutting sugar from my coffee which I will use to get back in the groove with my diet. 

Podcast – production is slow. I went into this to learn more about producing and recording a podcast. I’m an even bigger believer in the audiobook format for a podcast. FOM is not dead, and I’m working to get the next big chapter released over the next four weeks. 

Books – I’m rereleasing my horror / fantasy novel under a better title (the original that I should have stuck with) The Marsh. I’m going to ramp up launch for the holidays. It’s still ebook only, but will launch free to my subscribers and connections. Ten years in production. I’m also writing a Positive Pragmatist ebook which will also be free. 

Exercise – getting there. My arms are getting bigger and I can feel the muscles below my fat belly are toughening up. I just need to get this fitness training to be more consistent. 

Blog – I’m still seeing high rates of engagement, thanks to all of you. The blog is very much alive. Posting frequency is massively dependent on my other work levels. You can only operate to a certain high level. I still believe in quality and value over link-baitness. WordPress is a great platform for sharing and engaging with readers, and I’m glad I made the shift off Tumblr. 

Email newsletter – rather than reposting articles, I want the newsletter to be a bit like a free members area. Big, valuable freebies will now only be shared there. 

As always, I don’t have all the answers, but I see my mission as bringing my lessons learned and experiences to others and allowing you to reach your full potential. 

Miyazaki Animation Explained

There is a lot to learn here for you writers out there. Films from Studio Ghibli are highly engaging, emotional, beautiful, and offer great fantastical elements. 

Here is your chance to learn from a master of story and animation. 

Watch the video here.

Jack Reacher Writer, Lee Child, On His Sunday Routines

Lee Child, the author of the Jack Reacher crime novels, starts a new book each September and finishes sometime in spring, 20 books in 20 years. The most recent, “Make Me,” just took over the No. 1 spot on the New York Times best-seller list. He spends Sundays the way many writers do, in his own bubble. “It’s hard for others to understand, because you’re living in this made-up zone of fantasy, where that seems real to you, and the real real stuff seems odd,” he said. Mr. Child, 60, whose real name is Jim Grant, lives on the Upper West Side with his wife, Jane Grant

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Changes To The Blog – More Posts

I have a reading list of blogs that I circulate most days, hoovering up the new blog posts. I get a little sad face when there isn’t a new post. When there is a long hiatus, I find myself not checking that particular blog as much. 

Because I read so many blogs and news websites, I get quite a reading list in Instapaper. I tend to have a thought or two about most of the articles I read.

I have thought about the frequency of posts to the blog, and not been happy that I don’t post as regularly as I would like.  So, over the last few days, I started to share some articles with my thoughts added. 

I have seen an instant increase in the amount of daily traffic coming from search engines and from WordPress. The links I have shared are in keeping with the main theme of this blog: finding your full potential in life, love, and work. 

My conclusion? My audience likes it when I post more and share links they would be interested in. Just because you run a blog it doesn’t mean you have to come up with the topics yourself. Blogs should also allow ideas to spread. 

The Positive Pragmatist blog will continue to be a mix of original writing from me, with an increased amount of link shares, always with my thoughts attached and how that article will help you to live a life full of continued growth and achievement. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Update: GPEynon in the comments made a good point about subscribers to the blog. You’ll get an inbox full of posts. In light of this, I will be careful about the amount of posts sent per day and ensure they are all meaningful.