Start Now No Funding Needed And Fight Procrastination

You want to start a business, but don’t have an idea. 

You want to start a business, but you don’t want to start until you get funding, an MBA, or that big client. 

If this is you, you need to watch this video from Derek Sivers

And then read this article.

KG Heath is a digital health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. You can download his debut novel here.


You Might Not Be Where You Want To Be

 “You might not be where you want to be… But as my momma used to say: You sure got to be glad you ain’t where you was, though.”

Steve Harvey

Fitness Focus – Slow and Steady Makes You Strong

Since this weeks theme seems to have become about fitness, lets talk a little bit more about it. 

Like all good things in life, you can’t go from zero to a hundred immediately. Instead, it’s about constant, consistent improvement. 

Here’s my steps trend for the last month:  

Yes things go up and down, but there is a distinct trend upwards. And the more steps I take, the easier it is for me to improve. 

The last point on that chart was mostly achieved through a session in the hotel gym, here. 

I have been using walking as a training piece to allow me to better transition to running. And the result was fantastic. I could run!

Previous attempts to get back on the horse of the running game have been fraught by a lack of stamina. But, today was different. I was able to go on and on. I took a few walking breaks on the treadmill, but most of my hour of training was spent running. 

Whilst we are wired to expect fast results, the truth is we have to attack the problem of fitness one step at a time. And before you know it, a month has gone by and you get the above kind of result.

Here’s my distance trend: 


As expected, this has increased. I didn’t even know I was walking around 6-7 miles a day recently. It didn’t even feel like it.

How did I do it?

I walk twice a day. Once at 7am (I’ve wanted to become an early riser for a while, and I’ve locked in this habit now), and again at about 7pm. Each walk is about an hour at my regular pace. 

And that’s it. 

The only thing I did notice was that my feet started hurting. Transitioning to some good running shoes has helped with that. Problem solved. 

The next stage is about compounding. If I keep this up, where will I be in 3 months, 6 months?

But, it’s all about the commitment everyday, the tiny successes, and the constant strive to improve and grow. 

That’s how you see the results across a longer timeline. 

Your body is an amazing thing. The more you use it, the more it reacts and gets yourself ready to do more of the same, but better. 

This same process works in reverse. 

So, always strive to be doing. 

How have you found your efforts to get more active? Let me know in the comments. 

KG Heath is a health tech professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. You can download his debut novel here for free.

We Are on Apple News

You can now find this blog on Apple News, the content delivery service that delivers news directly to you in a beautiful format. 

You can check out the channel here (iOS 9 only).

I will also be expanding to Facebook Instant Pages once that service is available for me to apply to. 

Thanks go to Apple for letting me publish content on Apple News.

Why do this?

The future of content is about being where your audience is and not expecting them to find you. I’m taking an important step towards being where your eyeballs are. 

Thanks for reading the blog and for your kind comments along the way. 

KG Heath is a health tech professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. You can download his debut novel here

Fitness Update

My steps trend is looking a lot better. It’s taken a few week but I’m now regularly surpassing that 10k steps threshold.

My legs have that ache that comes with muscle and bone development. I can feel the increased strength in my legs.

I’ve been doing a ton of walking. But this is all a gear up towards running. I’m taking my first run this week.

Check back for a deeper dive into fitness for couch potatoes.

How To Overcome Life Obstacles – Moving Backward To Move Forwards

There are always going to be challenges that knock us so hard that we fall righ on our backsides. Whether it’s work, relationships, or home-life.
It can seem like there are no options. 

“How can I fix this thing that is broken?”

Maybe you’re trying to do the wrong thing. Sometimes, you need to let that thing burn to the ground.

Set The Charges

Not everything can be fixed. That project, that career, that idea – maybe it’s just not right.

Perhaps it’s time for another incarnation of that concept, like rebooting a movie. Reuse some of the constituent parts, add some new elements in, shake it about, and maybe that will be better.

We can’t always go in the same direction. You might have to admit you shouldn’t have turned left. It might be time to turn around.

Maybe it’s time to get out of that relationship, if it’s no good for either of you. Or that job is leading you nowhere. Or that project, or business, is just not as compelling as it should be.

Think of a wildfire. It’s a storm of chaos, smoke, heat. It destroys everything in its path. It kills, maims, and traumatises. But, like so much in nature, it has a purpose.

The carbon released in the cathartic fires of the wildfire rejuvenate the soil. And where there once was only blackness, green shoots soon grow. The world reboots, burns everything to the ground, so life can go on in a promising new direction.

Work, love, and life are just the same.

Two Steps Back

It can feel counter-intuitive, but moving forwards is not always right.

And being stuck in the throngs of the situation can blinker your view of what is going on.

You need to zoom out to the 30,000 feet, general on a hill, type perspective. What is the long-term prognosis? What is the honest benefit that will come of what I’m doing? What would happen if I quit?

The truth is, if done carefully, the world will not end. As long as you move right onto the next thing.

And from quitting that job, project, relationship, business idea, etc you might just find yourself on a path to greater success.

Often in life, it’s better to take two steps back to take one forward.

KG Heath is a digital health tech professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. You can download his debut novel FREE here.

How To Feel Content In A World That Doesn’t Stop Moving

We are on a journey, it’s called life. Yet, we yearn to be at some future stage of that journey. Never feeling content, never being happy with our situation, and looking to others and their successes, we feel sour for our lot in life.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why So Serious?

For the ambitious, this feeling will be felt frequently. Your life isn’t where you want it to be right now. You know where you want to go, but you are impatient to get there.

Does that mean your life is incomplete right now? Does it mean there is nothing that can bring you joy? Does it mean that you cannot keep learning, improving, and growing?

The feeling is compounded even more when you have plenty in your life, but you feel like you have failed.

Becoming More Content

How you react to the world is largely based on how you choose to view the world around you.

There are people who react to events, and their situation, with positivity, and others who can’t wait to tell everyone about the drama, the woes, and want to make sure everyone joins them in their despair.

The first time of person above shrugs their shoulders and gets on with things, the second runs around telling you the world is ending and doing nothing about it.

You might think that I am writing to the second person in my examples, but I’m not. Both of these people need to find more content. Just as the second person has chosen to seek out negativity, the first person can also slip into this mode from time to time.

Finding content is about choosing to stop focusing on what is not working, and instead reminding yourself of what you do have. Can you feed yourself, do you have a roof over your head, do you have access to transportation, do you have a job, have your progressed up the social ladder? If you say yes to one or more of these then you are doing better than many people who are in a worse situation.

The truth is, you’re doing fine.

You have given yourself a strong foundation to develop yourself from, when you are ready.

So I Just Stop Progressing?

Not at all. You still need to keep learning, growing, and moving forward. These might be baby steps, but they keep you developing as a person.

We are the sum of the mistakes, experiences, and lessons that have come our way. Whether we want it or not, we will keep becoming better people.

But, we also need to look at ourselves right now and accept what we have, find the joy we can have, and celebrate our wins — however small they might be.

It’s OK to be happy.

It’s OK to aim higher.

It’s OK to fail.

It’s OK to enjoy what you have right now.

KG Heath is a digital health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger. You can get his debut novel FREE right here.