Status Update

Life is hard work, and about discipline. I’ve started a good many things in the last 10 months, but it’s time for a status update:

Diet – I lost a few pounds since the start of the year, but not where o want to be no know how, the thought patterns are there. I am making a big change in cutting sugar from my coffee which I will use to get back in the groove with my diet. 

Podcast – production is slow. I went into this to learn more about producing and recording a podcast. I’m an even bigger believer in the audiobook format for a podcast. FOM is not dead, and I’m working to get the next big chapter released over the next four weeks. 

Books – I’m rereleasing my horror / fantasy novel under a better title (the original that I should have stuck with) The Marsh. I’m going to ramp up launch for the holidays. It’s still ebook only, but will launch free to my subscribers and connections. Ten years in production. I’m also writing a Positive Pragmatist ebook which will also be free. 

Exercise – getting there. My arms are getting bigger and I can feel the muscles below my fat belly are toughening up. I just need to get this fitness training to be more consistent. 

Blog – I’m still seeing high rates of engagement, thanks to all of you. The blog is very much alive. Posting frequency is massively dependent on my other work levels. You can only operate to a certain high level. I still believe in quality and value over link-baitness. WordPress is a great platform for sharing and engaging with readers, and I’m glad I made the shift off Tumblr. 

Email newsletter – rather than reposting articles, I want the newsletter to be a bit like a free members area. Big, valuable freebies will now only be shared there. 

As always, I don’t have all the answers, but I see my mission as bringing my lessons learned and experiences to others and allowing you to reach your full potential. 


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KG Heath

Digital Health professional, author, and lifestyle blogger.

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